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Computer Skills Group is a locally owned locally operated business providing

affordable, one-on-one, on-site, computer support services to individuals and small companies.

Be honest now, is your computer a help or an obstacle?
Everyone has access to powerful computers these days but when it comes to getting the full measure of the potential benefits in return, the playing field is far from level. Once a company achieves a certain size, it establishes an Information Technology (IT) department to design, install, and maintain its computer systems and to provide computer support to each of their employees. These companies actually spend four to five times the initial purchase price to support each and every person who works there. They provide full-time support for hardware, operating systems, application software, training, troubleshooting, and anything else that relates to using computers.

Why do they do it? They do it because support makes all the difference when you are trying to get the maximum benefit from your investments in technology. There are two major reasons why this is so. First, if the computers work as planned, the employees are much more productive. Second, and just as important, it frees up the employees to do the work they were hired to do. It simply makes no sense for them to be wasting time getting frustrated with technical computer issues.

What about support for you?
Compare corporate support to what's available to the little guy. Does the private individual, home based-business owner, or small business owner have access to corporate-level support? Absolutely not. The private individual and home-based business segment has been all but totally unserved.

It's not that the problems experienced by this group are any less complex. They aren't. I'll bet you can remember wasting many hours trying to fix a computer problem or trying to make the computer do something you knew it could do (except that you didn't know how it worked). Computer vendors are happy to take your money for their hardware and software. Just don't bother them with the problems that come up when two software packages won't work together, or your new peripheral doesn't work as expected. Everything is advertised as being "easy" when it would be more accurately described as "welcome to the crap shoot". Your "support" ends on day-1, while the corporate user's is just beginning. From that day-1 forward, you are disadvantaged against your better funded competition with its IT staff.

What we do for you -
Computer Skills Group fills the support void for you. We were formed specifically to provide a full range of support services to the previously unserved market of private individuals, home-based businesses, and small companies. We provide the advice and high-quality service you are missing out on and we do it in a way that's timely and very affordable.

Why we can do this -
I am Jeff Burns, founder of Computer Skills Group. My professional life has been spent as a senior manager in software development. The teams I have led were responsible for providing high-quality service to hundreds of users at a time, all heavily dependent on us for this support. To be effective in doing this, I simply had to understand the Windows environment, its strengths, and its weaknesses. I invested literally thousands of hours in learning what it takes to be successful using Windows computers and I bring that knowledge to Computer Skills Group. We want to see you spending your time on useful work, and not on the distractions and frustrations of a malfunctioning computer.

Let us help you make your computer a truly productive tool.

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