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Stop wondering about who to call.
If it's computer related, we will handle it for you.

End your frustration with computer issues.
We will get you back on track quickly.

Want to be the master of your computer?
We will show you how.

Whether it's hardware, software, training, or repair, the typical level of service in the computer industry stinks. We find it professionally embarrassing. The customer is either waiting on hold to be talked down to, having to bring the computer to a repair center to be fixed, or being sold expensive new hardware to fix a problem they don't know how to fix.

None of it is set up to be convenient for you.

If you have ever called for phone support and heard the famous recording, "Your call is important to us. Your anticipated wait time is 51 minutes", you know exactly what we mean. Worse, the answer you eventually get doesn't even solve your problem. We are asked to believe that this is a benefit to us, but that is just a lie. Today's "service" was designed to save computer companies money.

Computer Skills Group brings you prompt and affordable service

Face to Face     Where You Are     On Your Actual Computer

- Donít settle for less than what we offer -

Hardware     Software     Problem Solving     Training     Advice     Encouragement

all in the privacy of your home or office

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