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We are the go-to company for computer support

If you are an individual user, home-based-business, or small business, we understand that you simply can't afford to have a computer guy on staff.

Computer Skills Group fills the computer support gap for individuals and small businesses.

Ask yourself these questions:
No, of course not. You have the same problems as corporate users, and you occasionally need support, just as they do.

Until now, what you haven't had is anyone to pay attention to you when those problems arise. Realize that companies spend more on user support than they do on the actual hardware! Computer support is serious business, but now you can stop feeling neglected. You are about to catch up with your corporate brothers and sisters.

Until now, when you had a computer problem, you had 3 (bad) choices:

  1. Spend hours on the phone.
    Speak to three different people and probably not get it fixed anyway.
  2. Take your computer to a repair shop for a few days.
    This choice could be especially bad because repair shops often took the easy way out and installed new hardware to "fix" your problem. What you could be sure of was that you paid for new hardware, sometimes hundreds of dollars, and that there would be a lot of work at home getting things back to normal. The problem may or may not have been fixed.

  4. Decide to give up and live with the problem.

  5. Many times you ended up with the 3rd choice, even if you tried the first two.
Those days are over. You now have a 4th choice, and its a good one. Now, you can . . .
  1. Call your own personal "Computer Guy" for on-site service.
Computer Skills Group provides on-site, personalized, and very economical service at very affordable hourly rates. There are no contracts or commitments involved. We do whatever it takes to get you rolling again. Period. We are "Your Computer Guy" and we will take as much or as little off your shoulders as you want.

And here's a big feature of our sevice --- You can call us anytime.
We take your phone calls for quick questions, advice, guidance, and problem resolution. It's just part of being a Computer Skills Group customer. If your question turns out to be more involved, we will advise you that we have a charge situation. That way, phone calls cost you nothing and you will never get an unexpected bill. You have full control over your expendatures and, trust us, you will get more from this service than you even realize.

If you've been living with a problem that just keeps nagging at you, call us now. We'll get you back to smiling again.

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