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102 - Being a good email citizen when forwarding email

If you use email much at all, you have no doubt received jokes from friends who have forwarded them from other friends, and other friends, etc. You open the email and find another email inside, then another, and another. It is annoying to the person you are sending it to. Many people just refuse to even open these, and delete them without even reading them.

The Solution:
When you decide to forward one of these, instead of forwarding the email you received, forward the original email (the one which contains the picture, or joke, or whatever it is). That eliminates all the "in-between forwards" and your readers see the message without having to open a dozen or more forwarded messages.

Extra benefit:
While you are doing that, you have the option to change the title, remove any email header information from the message body (highlight it and hit delete), and add your own comments to the message body.

Something I also do --- Sometimes I receive an email that has something such as, funny lines from 10 different comedians. They are really funny, but one of them is "over the top". I wouldn't want to send that one to my Mom or my wife, for example. As you do the forward, you can just highlight that particular one, and delete it. Send the "good" ones and dump the one's that aren't your style.

You will be a good email citizen and your readers will appreciate it.

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