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106 - Leave Yourself Notes On The Computer

Many files and folders found on my computer are difficult to identify. It’s not obvious from the file or folder names, just what these files belong to. This is sometimes true even for files I named myself. I knew what they were a year ago, but I sure don’t remember now!
(There are other scenarios in which this tip can be used, but lets follow through with this one example.)

Now don’t be put off by the length of this write-up. This takes a bit of typing to detail the steps but ALMOST NO TIME to actually do, in practice.

Back to the problem. It is impossible to know what all the files and folders are on my computer, let alone what they are used for. Most of today’s computers literally have thousands of files. It is difficult enough just to keep track of the document files I create for myself, let alone the 50,000 other files that are often found on a single user machine. I can’t help you with learning what all the files on your computer are for, but I can save you from having to repeat any research you might do along the way.

As you go along, I recommend creating quick and easy notes to yourself, while things are fresh in your mind. I also recommend that you adopt a standard technique, as I will describe below. The point of this is that you want to be able to glance at any folder on your computer and KNOW that that file contains a note you wrote to yourself. The file name tells you instantly, THIS file is one of mine!

Here's the technique:
That’s it. The next time you go to that folder, you will see your new “_Readme.xx” file, sitting there, ready to be read. When I have additional notes for that same folder, I just open the file, draw a line under the first note, and add a date and next note to the existing file. Save it and you’re done.

Soon, you will have little notes to yourself all over your computer, each containing a wide variety of information, useful later on.

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