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134 - The Federal No-Call Web Site

From time to time, I like to mention web sites which are useful to my readers. This one should have pretty universal appeal. It's the Federal Government's web site where you can register your telephone number(s) on the Federal No-Call list. In a departure from many prior state level efforts, the Federal list allows you to register cell phone numbers as well. The same web page allows you to register both at once.

The No-Call web site is:

The two step process -
You first submit your request, including your phone number(s) and email address. To guarantee that the request came from you, and is not a prank, they send you a confirmation email. It contains a link back to their computers to confirm that the request did indeed come from you. All you need to do is click on the link anytime in the next 72 hours, and the registration process is completed.

The registration page says you will receive the confirmation email in "a few minutes", but don't sit there waiting for it. The volume of registrations is so high right now, that their computers can't keep up. On the news, they said they were processing 1000 registrations per SECOND. My confirmation email took two days to come back to me.

Let's hope that this new system works as planned. We can all use a break from telemarketer calls. Next, we stop spam!

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