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142 - Adjusting Font Point Sizes In Word

Here's a tip which can be very useful when you are composing a critical document and it just misses fitting on the single page you need to have it be on. Or, maybe it's your resume and it just won't fit on the 2-page format everyone tells you that you need to stick with. How about this idea? The Font Size menu give you a list of font sizes. Why not select all the text and change the font size to pick up the space you need? But, what if dropping from size 12 to size 10 (the menu choices) results in a font size just too small to be pleasing to the reader?

Here's The Tip -
Well, depending on the font being used, Word often allows you to type in a value that is not listed on the drop down menu. You can type in a point size not shown on the menu.

Okay, that's not too special.

So, here's the real secret -
For many fonts, Word will accept a decimal value too. Instead of dropping from 12 point size to 11, try 11.5. This fine adjustment is often just the trick for making a document come out just the length you need.

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