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149 - Alphabetizing the Start Menu and Programs Menu

Sometimes it just amazes me to realize how long I can work on my computer without realizing that a useful feature is right there. That's how I feel about this one. If you found this already, you beat me. It took me years to notice this.

Two big menus we deal with all the time are the Start menu (when you click on the Start button, the start menu is the upper portion of what you see, above the gray line) and the Programs menu. I have told you in earlier bulletins that you can manually alphabetize menus by dragging one item at a time. You just point at an item, click and hold while you drag it, and drop it where you want it to be. That's still true, but here's an alternative to doing it that way . . .

The Tip -
To alphabetize either the Start Menu or the Programs Menu

  1. Open the menu in question.
  2. RIGHT-click on any part of the menu.
  3. Select Sort By Name.
That's all it takes. Be advised that you get Microsoft's way of sorting. That means that all folders sort to the top first, in alphabetical order. These are then followed by the alphabetized individual files. I say this mainly for the record as I find the annoyance of thinking about A to Z, then A to Z again, to be well worth the convenience of one-click sorting. I'm still recommending getting these menus in order. Just make it painless with this built-in sort!

And you thought I never write short bulletins!!!

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