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150 - Calling Your MOST Favorite Web Site In One Click

Do you have a web site you visit every day or, better yet, multiple times a day? Here's a tip for Internet Explorer users, about making that a one click deal.

The Tip -

  1. Open Internet Explorer and go to the web site in question.
  2. Click on File, Send, Shortcut To Desktop.
  3. Close Internet Explorer.
Couldn't be much easier than that! You now have a new icon on your desktop. Clicking on that icon will open Internet Explorer and go to your favorite web site, all in one click. (If you are on a dial-up connection and Internet Explorer is configured to dial automatically, it's one click. If you are not configured to dial automatically, I'm sorry, but it's two clicks. Still pretty good.)

Old Tip Reminder -
Remember also that the new icon can be dragged and dropped** onto the Start button, placing it on the upper Start Menu, and/or onto the Quick Launch Toolbar, just to the right of the Start button. Clicking on the icon in any of these locations will work the same as the desktop icon. Dragging and dropping the icon will not remove it from the desktop. If you want to remove it from any of those locations, point to the icon, RIGHT-click, and select Delete.

** Forgot How To Drag and Drop?
Drag and Drop is where you point at something (in this case, the icon), click and hold the button down, drag the (icon) to the new location, and release the button (the drop part).

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