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156 - Spell Checker That Works In Internet Explorer

For those of us whose "ears perceive more than our eyes" (Robert Frost's explanation for why he could never spell), there is a neat product available for adding a spell checker to Internet Explorer. Companies have to purchase the product but it has been offered free of charge for personal use for quite a while now. I use it personally, and highly recommend it.

The product is called "iespell" and it installs within Internet Explorer, rather than as a separate stand-alone application. It can be called from a toolbar button but also becomes a menu item on the Tools menu. Everything about it is very fast. There is no program load time, since it's built into Internet Explorer. The code is designed to operate quickly. The format is familiar to anyone who has used spell checkers before and you can add your own words to a custom dictionary, as needed. In short, it's a full featured product at the right price.

Here's the link to download it -
This is the website where you can read about and download iespell. If you want to send the guy a dime or two, you can.


It's a high quality product and very useful. Hope you like it.

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