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162 - Display the Current Outside Temperature

I like to let my readers know about programs that are done well. This week's bulletin is one of those. It's a weather reporting and forecasting program, something I usually don't care about. There are lots of weather programs available and they all give you pretty much the same information. Only the names are changed, as they say. However, the designers of this program have done something really handy, so I'm making an exception and recommending it.

Since the program relies on being connected to the Internet to update its information, it's going to be most convenient for people with high speed connections (DSL or Cable Broadband), but it will work for dial-up users whenever they are connected as well.

The company is called "WhenU" and the program is called "Weather Cast". The feature I like is the way it works when the Weather Cast window is closed. The Weather Cast window closes to the System Tray, the small area in the lower right of your screen where the time is displayed. Instead of an icon however, it displays the current temperature in your specific area. When you first set up the program, you enter your zip code. From then on, it tracks the weather for your location. When you first boot the computer, the program starts as a lightening bolt icon shown only in the system tray. If you are connected to the Internet, a few seconds later, the temperature display replaces the icon. If you are on a dial-up connection, this will happen the first time you connect.

Clicking on the temperature causes the Weather Cast window to open. There, you will find a 5-day forecast and some general information such as wind, barometric readings, wind chill factor, etc. A lot of people like having this information and often get it from their ISP's Home Page. Weather information is often provided by the major Internet Service Providers as an incentive to use thier home pages. The real convenience of this program however is that the temperature is always there for you to read, without having to go to an ISP home page to see it.

To get this (free) program, there's a very small download (less then a minute on dial-up). Here's the link:


As always, I have no connection to these people. They are being recommended solely based on user satisfaction (my personal experience with the product). Hope you like it.

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