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167 - When Your Computer Won't Turn Off

I'm late with my bulletin this week so I'm going to give you a very quick but handy tip. Most of you have had your computer lock up at some time where you were unable to use the mouse or the keyboard. Since you can't do a normal shutdown, you are forced to turn off the power to the computer. You reach for the power switch on the front of your computer, only to find that it too will not work. The only thing left to do is reach around to the back of the machine and unplug the power cord, right? Wrong. There's an easier way.

Here's the tip -
No point in doing contortions and getting all dusty in the process. The main power switch on the front of the machine can still be used if you know the trick. The trick is, you have to hold it in for a full 5 seconds. It will then power down. You'll thank me the day you need to know this!

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This Week's Free Computer Tip
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