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170 - Re-open a Word Document Exactly Where You Left Off

Have you ever had to do this? You've been working on a large Word document over several days. You are jumping around to different parts of the document, making revisions as you go, when you unexpectedly have to leave to run an errand (attend a meeting, go to bed, watch a TV show, . . . whatever). You save your work. Tomorrow comes, but you can't remember where you were when you left off. How can you find where you left off in this long document? Wouldn't it be nice to have Word find that spot for you? Guess what, Word can do it.

Here's the tip -
To go to where you last left off in the document:

  1. Open the document    (it always opens at the top of the document)
  2. Hit Shift-F5                (hold down Shift and hit the F5 key)
There you are, right where you last typed.

Here's a trick for using this feature -
Suppose you finish working on one part of the document but want to remember to start at another place tomorrow. Since Word remembers the last place you typed, put your cursor on the new starting place and click to establish an "insertion point" (that's the blinking vertical bar), type a space, then backspace over it. Now, save the document and exit. You have not changed any text but the last place you typed was recorded.

Related information (You probably already know these) -
To go to the end of a document at any time:
Hit Ctrl-End.

To return to the start of a document:
Hit Ctrl-Home.

There you have it. Tricks of the trade!

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This Week's Free Computer Tip
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