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175 - Outlook Feature - Resend verses Forward

In Outlook, everybody knows where the Reply, Reply All, and Forward buttons are, but there's another option that few people realize they have. There is a "Resend This Message" option. It is similar to Forwarding but with one difference, which I will discuss. Just so you know, Resend isn't fussy. You can Resend any email, even if you weren't the original author. If you weren't, it asks you to confirm that you really mean to do it, but then it does let you do it. This bulletin will tell you what it does and how to do it.

What's different about Resending verses Forwarding?
When you Forward, Outlook inserts "Fw:" in front of the original subject. The body of the email is shifted down and the email header information is inserted in front of the original message. When you use Resend, neither of those things happen. That's the difference. To the person receiving the email, it looks exactly like an original document.

So, where is Resend most useful?
Well, if you forgot a person when sending the original message and now need to correct the oversight, Resend is the perfect way to do it. Before I discovered Resend, I would often just erase the headers and the "Fw:" manually, just to clean the email up. This is just a bit easier.

How do you Resend an email?
The Resend button is available when the email you are Resending is open. You do not have a Resend option when viewing the email in the preview area.

  1. Open the email
  2. Click on Actions
  3. Select "Resend this message..."
    If you get a message saying you do not appear to be the originator of the email, and asking if you still want to Resend it, just answer yes.
  4. Edit the recipient address(es) to what you want
  5. Click on Send

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